Many of us are home today, forced into isolation with only members of our immediate family.

This is far from the norm, and we are not used to the confinements of our four walls. Up until this point many of us have taken the monotonous day to day tasks we do for granted. Sending our kids to school, heading to work, meeting up with friends, everything up until this point has been seen as a right, and not a privilege.

As a nation we are struggling. We are now faced with a situation where in many ways we turn our sights inward, to a place many have us have not been confronted with, being alone. This is not only a scary and lonely time for us all but as a funeral director it makes me especially worried.

The social aspects of our life thus far have given us purpose. And while I think social isolation is necessary to stop the spread of this awful pandemic and protect the health and safety of our people my concerns are towards the sense of fear, panic, despair and depression that comes along with many of us loosing jobs, loosing financial stability, loosing communication or feeling especially alone.

I worry for individuals and for their families, I worry for our elderly and the people within our community that already face isolation and I’m afraid that the current situation will see a spike in suicides and worse. This is definitely a taboo subject and something none of us like to think about.

As a funeral director dealing with death is what we do, but suicide is something that is especially hard, there is always a question of why, what could have been done for a different outcome or more specifically ‘what could I have done?’

Hence the reason, I want to encourage everyone more than ever to reach out.

We are faced with the very real possibility of the current conditions being enforced for the foreseeable future and unfortunately for some people the hole they find themselves in will just be too deep to see a way out.

Our neighbours, our community and our friends need us more than ever. This is exactly the time to maintain social distance and abide by the law, but this does not mean turning our backs on people that need us most. We must remain vigilant and think about how others might be coping.

Even if it means skyping a friend, phoning a neighbour or sending messages of support to each other, any measures we can take to check in on others welfare and maintain a level of community spirit will not only benefit others but also give a sense of pride and purpose that you are able to help someone else get through this.

I am human, I have been at points of my life where I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel, and if it wasn’t for the strong, beautiful people that surrounded me things could have turned out very differently. Supporting each other during hard times holds a special place in my heart.

I don’t want to get to tomorrow and regret not doing something today, together we can come through this and be stronger than ever, with friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Where I once would have said “my door is always open” I now say, “please reach out to me, I am here for you, we are here for you all”.

A victim confronted

I’m sure for many people the concept of a day in a mortuary would be a highly confronting situation, for me however this is…

Photo - Hayley Robertson

Hayley Robertson

Funeral & Mortuary Assistant

Helena Killington

Funeral Assistant

My background in aged care nursing has given me a chance to see firsthand the lives of the elderly in our community. I am especially passionate about helping grieving families give their loved ones a final goodbye that is dignified and respectful.

Since joining the team at Lovell Meizer Funerals we have been trained in specialist care of families and their dearly departed loved ones. We strive to always provide emotional support with a professional edge on our services whilst also being caring and helpful.

Whilst we work in a small team, we are close and support each other professionally and personally. We are careful to respect each individual family and give them the chance to grieve on their own terms. I feel that my role as a Funeral Assistant is an honour and I look forward to growing my skills and helping families on a personal level for many years to come.

I love being a part of the Goulburn community and live here with my daughter, our 2 cats Percy and PJ, our rescue dog Daisy and our chickens. I have many close friendships that I cherish dearly, I enjoy catching up for coffee, getaways, games nights and movies with friends.

Melissa Chandler

Funeral & Mortuary Assistant

While I have always had an interest in death and different customs across the world the reality of my own mortality and that of those around me is what really struck home for me and gave me that push to enter an industry that always intrigued me.

Knowing I cannot fix the loss that someone is going through I take comfort that I may be able to help them in some small way, be it by offering support and comfort or providing loving care in preparation for their loved one on their final journey.

In my spare time I like spending time with my husband and children at our home here in Goulburn. Together we enjoy movies, make up, special effects and true crime stories.

Susan Ebsworth

Funeral Assistant

I have always had a special place in my heart for the elderly. This sentiment was strengthened when it came to caring for my own elderly parents in later life. My own experience and loss have really shaped me and given me an overwhelming sense of direction for helping others move through their journey of love and loss.

I take great pride in assisting families at Lovell Meizer Funerals and consider my position such a privilege. I feel honoured to walk alongside families through their time of loss with a goal to treat every family with the dignity and care that I would want for my own family.  It is my sincere hope that I can make a difference to the lives of others.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren who keep me young at heart. I also love spending time in my garden and working on my campervan project. I am creative and like to design and create macramé, crochet babies and children’s garments and toys and dabble in house renovations.

Shiane Lovell

Managing Director

I have 12 years’ experience in finance and event management and as such am extremely organised with an attention to detail.

I have worked with many families over the years to ensure the best production and delivery of video and memorial stationary, our ‘Lasting Tributes’. I am caring, compassionate and will ensure the most outstanding service is provided to each family.

My family values have been strong since I was a child. I have had the benefit of growing up with very close relationships to my grandparents, together with my mum they taught me the importance of family and made me extremely grateful for today having such a beautiful family of my own.

Unlike my partner, I didn’t realise my passion and purpose until much later in life and it wasn’t until we purchased this business and opened our doors to grieving families that I realised this is exactly where I was always supposed to be. I am immensely proud of our ability to help families when they are going through such a hard time.

The loss of some of the closest people in my life has really given me a deep understanding for those going through the same and I find my empathy for others is what drives me to do the best I can for every family.

Together with my partner / wife we have built a family with our three children and enjoy watching them realise their potential over the years.

I have many friendships and value social time with others. At the same time, I am happy just hanging out at home with our dogs or playing games on the computer / Xbox. I consider myself to be somewhat of a tv / movie buff and could happily hibernate watching series after series until I fall asleep with my dogs on my lap.

Kristy Meizer JP

Managing Director & Family Consultant

I am a strong and independent woman, who has, like many others faced adversity along the way. I have had my share of trials and tribulations but at the end of the day have rose above it all to become successful in a field that I love.

I began my career in the funeral industry in 2001 in Canberra and over the years have worked at several funeral homes. I have spent many years working behind the scenes in a mortuary setting.

Over the years I have developed specialised skills and a have a true passion for restorative work, allowing families the opportunity to gain closure from seeing & spending time with their loved ones when this might have otherwise been discouraged.

During my career I have also worked for the ACT Government at their Forensic Medical Centre. I believe my extensive knowledge, skills and personal love for what I do have moulded me into someone you can trust and rely on in times of unforgiving grief.

As an individual my personal life is filled with family. I have strong family values and have close relationships with my beautiful family. I have three beautiful children. Our 19-year-old son has just purchased his first home in Queanbeyan and our two little girls, 3 & 5 years old are both skilled bike and scooter riders. All three give me the greatest sense of pride. Watching them all grow and develop their own achievements is my life’s goal and biggest joy.

As for personal hobbies, I enjoy exploring with my kids, going to the beach, and trying my hand at camping, I am the first to admit this is an ongoing trial and i am more of a self proclaimed ‘glamper’. I love shopping, some may call me a shopaholic, I see it more as a relaxing pastime.  

​I am a registered Justice of the Peace in and for the State of New South Wales Australia.